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Yesterday was my first day of massage therapy school.

My hands on professor reminds me of Willy Wonka.

He even said “As a child I knew I wanted to be either a doctor or an ice cream man, and now I’m somewhere in between.”

All we’ve really started is learning what some medical terminology means by memorizing prefixs, roots, and suffixes. 

I absolutely LOVE that stuff. A lot of the people in my class seems so scared of having to memorize anything but I’m just eating it up.

I think my biggest challenge will be being able to interact with the public “professionally”.

Like, if a guy gets an erection while I’m massaging them (which is apparently extremely common) I might just have to step out into the hall and claw at my eyes for a few minutes.

I suppose they probably can’t help it, but massage is all about feeling comfortable and accepting of your body and energies while you massage, and if some dude is popping a b I’m not going to be feeling super comfortable.